5 Safe Houseplants For Pets

5 Safe Houseplants For Pets

5 Safe Houseplants For Animals

Worried about your animal's health but love houseplants? Many people struggle with curious animals eating their plants, you’re not the only one! There are many plants that are safe for your animals that you can also enjoy. Some of these plants include African Violets, Venus Fly Traps, Watermelon Peperomia, Haworthia Snow cap and Pilea Peperomia! These houseplants are beautiful, low maintenance and pet friendly! 

  1. The African Violet is a very popular pet-friendly houseplant. Many people are attracted to the African violet because of its wide variety of colors. The African violet is very beginner friendly because of its low maintenance needs. This plant can be propagated from the leaf and can survive in temperatures above 60 degrees fahrenheit. Most importantly, if your fur baby decides to nibble on this plant it will cause no harm. You can find this attractive, pet friendly house plant in our store.
  2. Venus Fly Traps are a unique houseplant and are safe for your animals. These plants are also low maintenance and will grow well in full sun with consistently moist soil. Bringing this plant into your home cannot cause your animals harm if eaten or if it happens to trap a paw (which won't happen!). Having this houseplant in your house will bring comfort knowing your fur babies cannot be harmed.
  3. The Watermelon Peperomia is another pet friendly houseplant. All peperomias are pet friendly and are not fatal to animals. The Watermelon Peperomia is low maintenance and can go a few days without needing attention. This houseplant likes bright, indirect light and should only be watered when the top layer of soil is dry. Many people are attracted to the peperomia because of its beautiful leaves. There is no doubt that this house plant will look fantastic in your home and your animals cannot be harmed if they want to take a bite. 
  4. Haworthia snow caps are a great addition to your home if you have curious animals. This plant is extremely easy to take care of and will only need water when the soil is completely dry. If your animals get a hold of this plant, they cannot be harmed. Not only is this plant pet friendly it is also able to survive in cold temperatures. If you are looking to propagate this plant, you can easily use its offsets. This plant can be enjoyed by you and your animals! 
  5. The Pilea Peperomia is another great houseplant that is animal friendly. This plant is low maintenance and is comfortable in temperatures above 60 degrees fahrenheit. The Pilea Peperomia can go many days without being watered and is easily propagated. This plant can also not be harmful to your fur babies so you will not need to be worried if they get to it. This beautiful plant can be found on Plantkingusa.com!

Some plants can be dangerous to your animals so it’s important to learn about the plant you want when purchasing so your pets can stay safe! Our complete selection of plants that are safe for your pets can be found here.

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